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Proudly serving customers since 1897, "Niles' Oldest Savings Institution.”

We are your family, your friends and your neighbors

Since 1897, Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Niles has been a service oriented, locally managed, community Savings and Loan. We are committed to being your first choice for all your financial services and hopefully one that will be a lifelong partnership. Our team of Associates are passionate about serving the community they work and live in. We are your family, your friends and your neighbors. We pride ourselves in the products and resources we offer while still maintaining that personal touch of a hometown bank. Feel free to get in touch with us, we look forward to meeting you.

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 When it comes to banking, trust us with all your banking needs.

We have decades of experience and as always, we are dedicated to our community, our customers, and to you.


Our History

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Nine prominent businessmen organized the city’s first thrift and home financing institution. The official founding date was November 20, 1897. The first home loan was approved on December 15, 1897 for $700.00. We have changed our location a couple of times since those early days, but our philosophy stays the same “Take care of the customer first”. Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Niles is managed by a 5 member board. Our Directors reside locally and have personal businesses within the community. Our story began in 1897, it was just two years after Niles received its city charter. It was the year between the election of our own William McKinley to the Presidency and the outbreak of the Spanish American War.

In October of 1998, Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Niles, Ohio ownership was converted to stock form. The Association is owned by its holding company, First Niles Financial, Inc. (FNFI) OTC.

Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Niles has grown from a small beginning to $104,085,000.00 in assets. As a result, thousands of Niles area families and the communities that surround it, have realized their dreams in home ownership.

We want you to know how deeply we appreciate your business and your suggestions. Our customers are the reason for our steady growth and success. We would like to thank all the generations of families we have served in the past and look forward to serving you in the future.

Steady Growth of Assets

End of first year $11,072.27
December 31, 1929 $814,441.95
December 31, 1950 $3,475,813.42
December 31, 1975 $29,239,660.89
December 31, 1986 $59,697,968.00
December 31, 2009 $104,085,000.00


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